четверг, 22 января 2015 г.


Севастьянова Елена,
7 класс
Самарская область

Учитель: Мефодьева Елена Борисовна


Scotland is one the parts of Great Britain. It is famous for its unusual beauty. The 

highest mountain of the British Isles is in Scotland. Its name is Ben Nevis. 

There are many beautiful and famous lakes in the country. Loch Ness is well-
known for its monster. There are also many islands near the coast of Scotland. 

Edinburg is the main city of Scotland. It is situated in the south of the country and 

has a population of 428, 640 people. The second big city of Scotland is Glasgow

There are many famous festivals in Scotland every year, including the International 

Festival in Edinburgh in August, and the Highland Games in September. The men 

wear the traditional costume of Scotland - the kilt and sporran. The traditional 

musical instrument in Scotland is a bagpipe.

Scots are proud of their country, its culture and its sights.

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