среда, 6 мая 2015 г.

Victory Day

Глазунова Елена
5 класс
Г.Новокуйбышевск, Самарская область
Учитель: Мефодьева Елена Борисовна

                        VICTORY DAY

May 9-th is Victory Day. On May 9-th, 1945, World War II ended. We have a parade and fire works on this day.

My family and I go to the central square of our town to watch this parade.
Our senior students take part in this parade. We are proud of our great-grandfathers and their heroic dead.

Russia and the USA were allies in this war. They fought together against Nazi Germany.

On April 25, 1945 Soviet and American soldiers met at the River Elba in Germany. Americans and Russians shook hands and embraced.
Here you can see some photographs of those days.

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