среда, 11 ноября 2015 г.

Our class

Вавилова Юлия,
Класс 8
Г.Новокуйбышевск, Самарская область
Учитель: Мефодьева Елена Борисовна


My name is Julia. I am 14. I am in the 8-th form. I’d like to tell you about my class.
There are 23 students in our class. All of the are friendly and merry. Some of our students are
engaged in different kinds of sport, and other students attend various circles. There are many
talented  and interesting students in our class.
But I have only two friends among my classmates, because I’m very shy and not very sociable.
My friends’ names are  Olga and Natasha. Olga goes to musical school. She knows much about
music and plays the piano very well. Natasha is fond of dancing. Both Olga and Natasha are
reliable and confident.
I should say a few words about  our class teacher. Tamara Victorovna is a great teacher. She
teaches us Russian and Literature. Besides we spend a lot of time together. We visit museums,

exhibitions and theatres. The atmosphere in our class is very warm and it helps us unite.

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