четверг, 26 ноября 2015 г.

The Person I admire

Жеманова Екатерина
7 Б класс
МАОУ "Физико-математический лицей №38 г.Ульяновска"
Учитель: Бондарчук 
Валерия Владимировна
The person I admire is Vladimir Putin.

Vladimir Vladimirovich was born in Leningrad on the 7th of October.He grew up in 

a indigent family, his parents learnt him to love his country and be proud of it.

Now he is one of the most demand statesmen in the world.

Magazine "Forbes" 3rd time calles Putin the best statesman and peacemaker.

One of the most important merit of Putin is that he calls teenagers to do sport 

and to respect our country.

But the main merit of our President is that he gave a hope to our country, to our 


He is the best example to follow and he changed MY life actually. Now I am 

looking at the world not like before. I really want to see him and wish him good 

luck, because he is working hard.

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